ÐApper Academy organizes events and workshops for decentralized technologists in Singapore. 🛠🇸🇬

ÐApper Academy aims to foster a community and ecosystem for individuals working with decentralized technologies. We focus on educating and inspiring talented developers to accelerate the mainstream adoption of decentralized applications (ÐApps) and bring the next generation of the web to life.

We organize the Web3 Singapore community to meet up regularly and discuss smart contracts, token engineering, protocol design, blockchain development, cryptoeconomics, radical markets, and related topics. Our events provide opportunities to collaborate and contribute to the emerging field of decentralized systems engineering.

Join us! Together we can bring the next generation of the web to life.

📣 Who the community is for

Web3 Singapore is for developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts looking to explore and expand their knowledge in decentralized technologies. If you share our passion for bringing mainstream adoption of ÐApps, join us!

This meetup is NOT a place for promoting ICOs, cryptocurrency investment tactics, or business pitches.

For Attendees

Learn cutting-edge ÐApp and smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain! No experience necessary - we hold free introductory workshops on how to build ÐApps and write Solidity smart contracts.

Just bring your machine and get ready to #BUIDL!

For Speakers

Web3 Singapore welcomes speakers of all levels to share a talk on a technical topic of their interest. This means presenting a paper, study, theory, concept, framework, or protocol that they are working on and discussing their design, challenges, and lessons learned.

We especially would like to hear about Curation Markets, Token Curated Registries, Bonding Curves, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens, ERC proposals, meta transactions, smart contract security and related topics. Send in your talks!

For Organizations

Gain exposure to a passionate community of ÐApp developers and blockchain engineers. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

⚡️ Who we are

Web3 Singapore and ÐApper Academy is organized by Yos Riady.