Building ÐApps #00: Decentralized Applications and Ethereum

We’re thrilled to our very first ÐApper Academy meetup in June! Limited spaces are available, so be sure to RSVP.

A decentralized app or “ÐApp”, is a software application that runs on a distributed computing system such as the Ethereum blockchain. As opposed to traditional centralized applications, where the frontend talks to APIs and datastores running on centralized servers, a ÐApp talks to smart contracts on decentralized blockchains.

Web3 Singapore is a learning community for folks interested in ÐApp development. No experience necessary - bring your machine and get ready to #BUIDL.

Meetup Agenda

At our first session, we’ll learn the basics of decentralized applications, blockchain fundamentals, and the Ethereum blockchain.

In our next session, we’ll jump into a practical hands-on with writing smart contracts using Solidity programming language.